How to Add a FAQs Section in WordPress

How to Add a FAQs Section in WordPress

For all types of websites, especially those selling products online, a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section is useful. By grouping the common questions that your visitors or customers ask and offering accurate answers to them, you are:

  • Showing your care about customers’ needs.
  • Saving yourself from answering the same questions again and again.
  • Providing more information about your website or products, such as the product details and contact information, in an easy-to-understand way, which leads to better conversions.

If you only have a few questions and answers, you can simply create a separate post or page on your WordPress site and list them there. However, those with more questions or desiring an elaborate FAQs section need to turn to another solution – using a plugin which comes with professional FAQ management and customization options. You can also manually code a FAQs page, but this is harder and much more time-consuming.

There are dozens of FAQ plugins available in WordPress plugin directory, and for this tutorial, we will use a plugin named Arconix FAQ to add a FAQs section in WordPress.

Arconix FAQ is a light-weight and easy-to-use plugin that is actively maintained. Once you have installed the plugin, follow the guide below to use it.

Create FAQs with Arconix FAQ Plugin

When Arconix FAQ is installed and activated successfully, you will notice a new “FAQ” menu item in the WordPress dashboard. Now you can start adding your questions and answers by expanding “FAQ” and clicking on “Add New”.

Add New FAQs

As the plugin creates a custom post type for the creation of FAQs, you will get a FAQ editor which is very similar to the default WordPress post editor. On this screen, you have to:

  • Enter the question in the title section.
  • Enter the answer to the question in the editing area.

On the right side of the screen, you will see several optional configurations that you can deal with to meet your specific needs. The possibilities include:

  • Categorizing the FAQ with groups, a feature similar to the “categories” of WordPress posts. You can create new groups at any time by inputting the group name on the editing screen or going to FAQ > Groups. If you have several topics or FAQ sections, it is suggested to sort your FAQs into multiple groups for the sake of better display.
  • Assigning an order to the FAQ. If you have special requirements on the order of the FAQ item, you can enter a number in the box under “Order”.
  • Enabling a “Return to Top” link at the end of the answer. This option is suggested when the answer is long.
  • Loading the FAQ in “open” state. By default, all FAQs are closed, but you can choose to get the first FAQ in a group or an important FAQ opened so as to draw the readers’ attention.

As soon as you have dealt with all these options, publish the FAQ to make it available publicly. Also, you can save the FAQ as draft for future modification.

Create a FAQ

Now you need to repeat the steps above to create more FAQs. All the FAQs you have added can be viewed in FAQ > FAQ.

Display FAQs on Your WordPress Site

For the FAQs created with Arconix FAQ, you can easily display them on a new post/page, in an existing post/page or in the sidebar of your WordPress site by using the [faq] shortcode offered by the plugin.

The shortcode is easy to use, but there are still some rules you have to pay attention. If you add [faq] directly anywhere you like, all FAQs will be displayed as a list in a categorized way based on their groups, just like what is shown in below.

Display All FAQs

In the rare case that you want to display an individual FAQ, you can simply paste the unique shortcode for that FAQ.

Display a Single FAQ

As the shortcode supports several other parameters in addition to the ID number, you can further configure the display of FAQs by using the following shortcodes.

  • To display the FAQs in a certain group only, use [faq group=”test”]. “test” refers to the slug of the group.
  • To change the style of the display from the default “toggle” to “accordion”, use [faq style=”accordion”].
  • To display all FAQs in a large collection and ignore their groups, use [faq skip_group=”true”].
  • To control the number of FAQs per page when you have too many FAQs, use [faq posts_per_page=”10″]. “10” refers to the number of FAQs you want to display on a single page.


Offered by many large sites, FAQs are of great help for businesses. If you are going to add a FAQs section on your WordPress site, we would highly recommend you to try the Arconix FAQ plugin because creating and displaying FAQs with this plugin are easy jobs that do not require a single line of code.

Of course, there are some other plugins with the similar functionality. If you want more choices, read this list for the top-rated FAQ plugins.