How to Add Facebook Events in WordPress

How to Add Facebook Events in WordPress

Facebook is a widely used social media platform. Most webmasters now make use of it to better promote their online presence. The reasons for doing so not only include the large user base Facebook achieves, but also include the rich features it has. For instance, you can showcase the exclusive Facebook video, use the Facebook Instant Articles and add the Facebook feeds. This time, we’d like to introduce another Facebook add-on, which is called as Facebook Events. In the following, we have introduced it and tell you how to add Facebook Events in WordPress powered websites.

What Is Facebook Event

In fact, this is an easy way for Facebook users to tell their followers or friends about what is going to happen in their communities or groups. If they want, the Facebook events can result in the effective social gatherings.

In the most cases, these events can be categorized into two groups – the private events and the public events.

  • Private events – These events will not appear in the searches, but only by the invitation. This means if you do not invite someone, they cannot check the event details.
  • Public events – Just be contrary to the private one, these events can be checked by anyone from the timeline. This way, they can learn about the event descriptions, images, walls and the feeds.

Facebook Events

How to Create the Facebook Events

The process of creating the Facebook events is pretty simple. You simply need to log on your Facebook account and click the Events button from the left menu. In the next page, you should click the Create button. Here, you can choose to create the private event or the public event.

Create Private Event

If you decide to create the private event, you need to choose the event theme from the recommendations or by uploading your own one. And then, you should enter the event name, location, date, time and the description. After that, you only need to click the Create Private Event button.

Private Event

Create Public Event

If you are looking to create the public event, you only need to choose the displayed page, upload the event photo, provide the event name and location, decide the starting time, choose the ending time and click the Create button.

Public Event

How to Add Facebook Events in WordPress

Frankly speaking, the creation of Facebook events is pretty easy. Now, we are going to tell you how to showcase these events on your WordPress site. This way, you can promote your upcoming activities by leveraging the power of your site and your Facebook account.

Here, we’d like to introduce three main methods for you to do so.

Option 1 – Add the Facebook Events Manually

Surely, you can do this on your own if you are capable of adding the code to your website template. For this, you firstly should enter this special Facebook page to set up the Page Plugin. Here, you need to move to the section of Facebook Page URL and enter the information required.

Facebook Page URL

  • Provide the exact URL of your Facebook page.
  • Enter “events” as the tab.
  • Decide the proper width and height.
  • Choose to use the small header, hide the cover photo, adapt to the container width and show people’s faces or not based on your needs.

Now, you can click the Get Code button. After that, the popup box will give you three steps that require you to finish.

  • Choose the APP ID and the language, which means your site name and the site language.
  • Copy and paste the first part of code into your template’s header.php file.
  • Copy and paste the second part of code into your wanted location for showing the events, including the post, page or the text widget.

Get Code

Option 2 – Make Use of the WP Embed Facebook Plugin

The second option is pretty suitable for newbies or most common WordPress users. Here, we highly recommend the WordPress plugin of WP Embed Facebook. This great plugin has the power to embed your Facebook page, video, album, events, photo, profile and many more to your WordPress site.

Here, you should click the Settings > Embed Facebook button. And then, you can move down to the Facebook Settings part directly. After choosing the plugin language, you need to enter the APP ID and the APP secret. Note that you can click the “step by step guide” link to generate the application or click the “your apps” link to check the ID and the secret.

Facebook Settings

Now, you can leave the rest settings unchanged, unless you have some special requirements. After that, you simply need to paste the following shortcode to anywhere you want the events to display.

Facebook Event Shortcode

Option 3 – Make Use of the WordPress Widget

The last recommendation is the utilization of the Facebook Events Widget. Upon the installation, you can directly go to the widget section and drag the Facebook Events Widget option to the sidebar. Here, you simply need to enter the title of the event listing, the required ID, secret and access token, the maximum number of listed events, the adjustment frequency and some others. After saving the settings, your Facebook events can appear on the sidebar properly.

Facebook Events Widget