How to Add Email Templates in WordPress to Beautify the System Emails

How to Add Email Templates in WordPress to Beautify the System Emails

By default, WordPress sends out diverse email notifications for things like new comments and new users, all of which are in plain text and somewhat boring. If you are not satisfied with the default layout, you can consider adding new email templates which work for WordPress messages.

Improving the email format for WordPress notifications will make the site look more pleasing and professional, and provide a better user experience. Therefore, for those who are running a multi-author or eCommerce site and want to promote their brands, using beautiful and professional email template is of special significance.

In below, we are going to show you how to use a plugin to create and add email templates in WordPress to beautify the system emails.

To do so, you need to install the plugin – Email Templates, with which you can create custom templates with preview and send beautiful emails.

Upon activation, navigate to Appearance and click Email Templates located in the menu list.

Email Templates

Here will come a new page as the following screenshot shows. There are several different sections like Settings and Templates. In the following parts, we would like to introduce all sections one by one.

Customize Email Templates

Section 1 – Settings

First, you need to click the Settings tab and enter your website name and email address in the “from” field. Note that the plugin usually uses the default email address set in WordPress, however, you can use other email address you like.

Then click the back arrow to turn back to the previous section.

Email Templates Settings

Section 2 – Template

This time click the Template tab and you can choose to use a boxed or full width template from the dropdown menu, and set the email background color.

Templates Section

Section 3 – Email Header

Click the Email Header to set up the header of the email template. You’re allowed to add either an image or text to use as a logo in your header. The plugin uses your site name as text in the email header by default, but you can modify it.

In addition, you can also select alignment from the dropdown menu. There are 3 options including Left, Center and Right. Scroll down and you can do more settings like selecting background color, text size and text color for your email header.

Email Header

Section 4 – Email Body

The Email Body section is where you can select the background color, text size and color for your email body.

Email Body

Section 5 – Footer

For the Footer area, you can customize it according to your personal preference. Also, there are settings including footer text, alignment, background color, text size and color and so on. After you have finished creating your email template, click “Save & Publish” to save your settings.

Email Footer

Section 6 – Send Test Email

With all things done, you can click “Send test email” to have a preview of your newly created email template. Then, an email will be sent to the admin address and you will find the template is applied to the email.

Send Test Email

Hopefully you have learned how to create and add beautiful email template in WordPress by now. By the way, you can change the email template anytime you like if you feel bored with the current one.