How to Add the .docx Documents in WordPress Sites

How to Add the .docx Documents in WordPress Sites

When it comes to writing on the PC or on the laptop, most people choose to use the tool of Microsoft Word due to its advanced spell checker, various formatting, free capitalization, multiple templates and many other useful tools for the easy and effortless content creation. Just because of the great convenience achieved by Microsoft Word, many WordPress users are looking to integrate it with their WordPress sites for multiple reasons.

In the following, we’d like to tell you when and how to add the .docx documents in WordPress sites with the help of the simple plugin.

When to Add the .docx Documents in WordPress Sites

In fact, there are a lot of reasons or conditions for you to add the .docx documents into your WordPress sites, and we have listed some typical ones in the following.

  • It is true that the default WordPress editor, especially the visual editor, contains a lot of tools for you to edit your contents with your preferred format and style. However, to compare it with the Microsoft Word, the default editor fails to achieve the same level of feature richness, thus, this integration practice can give you enough freedom and convenience for content writing.
  • Some people choose to write their blog posts using the Microsoft Word, and then, copy and paste the content into the WordPress editing page. However, the practice always messes up the content formatting and may add a lot of extra HTML or CSS code, which is one of the most annoying things about WordPress. In this case, to maintain the content style and format, you’d better add the function of .docs file integration for your WordPress sites.
  • It is possible that you receive the guest posts from your peer bloggers. For the sake of WordPress security, you might do not want to give them the access to the admin panel of your WordPress sites for content submission. In this case, most of them may choose to send you the articles using the .docx documents. Due to this, you can achieve the .docs integration for the easy publishing of guest posts.

docx Documents in WordPress

How to Add the .docx Documents in WordPress Sites

To add the .docs documents into your WordPress sites, you can use the simple WordPress plugins. This time, we’d like to introduce two options that can benefit you a lot for different situations.

Option 1 – Embed Any Document

If you want to upload and embed the .docx files easily and show them in the front-end using the Google Docs Viewer, you can choose the Embed Any Document plugin.

Upon the installation, you firstly should click Settings > Embed Any Document to make some settings. Note that your .docx file will be showcased using either the Google Docs Viewer or the Microsoft Office Online tool, so you need to decide the default values of width and height for the viewer. Also, you can allow the download function of this file for all the visitors or the logged-in readers only.

Embed Any Document Settings

Now, you can open a new post or a new page for editing. Here, you will find a new button in the editing page that is named as Add Document. Just click it.

In the popup window, you can choose to upload the documents for your local machine, from the valid URL or from the Drive, Dropbox and Box.

Add Document

This time, you need to hit the Upload Document button and upload the file from your laptop. After uploading and inserting the file, you should determine the values for viewer width, height, download link showcase and viewer. Surely, if you want to abide by the default settings, you can leave these settings unchanged.

Document Settings

Next, you just need to click the Insert button and check the post in the front-end. Note that the format and style of your post will be 100% maintained as you have written using the Microsoft Word. In addition, from the special viewer, readers can know the page number of this document and choose to download a copy easily.

Google Docs Viewer

Option 2 – Mannoth Converter

Here, we have to mention that the Mannoth Converter is totally different from the first option, which mainly works in the back-end. With it, you can upload the .docs file into your blog posts and convert the file to the plain HTML without the common mess for formatting and styling.

After the installation, you can directly open the editing screen and move down to the converter section. Here, you just should click the Choose File button and target your wanted file for uploading. Now, your .docx document can be checked just as below.

Mannoth Converter

Note that you can check it in the visual manner or the raw HTML manner. Even, you can click the Messages button to figure out whether there is any warning message. If there is nothing wrong, now, you can click the Insert Into Editor button.

Note that this plugin will automatically add the converted HTML into the post editor. As for the content styles such as the font, color, padding, heading, margin and many more, your template settings will handle them fully.

Now, you can check the HTML and make some minor changes if needed. After that, you just need to publish the content as the standard blog post.