How to Add Custom Default Avatars in WordPress?

How to Add Custom Default Avatars in WordPress?

An avatar is much like an image identity of a user. It can be a real photo of the person, or a random picture that has something to do with their sites. By default, WordPress uses Gravatar – A Globally Recognized Avatar to show users’ avatars based on their email.

What if you are not registered with a gravatar? Then your avatar will automatically display a mystery person avatar. Actually, there are some options of default avatars on your WordPress site, however, they are ugly and not attractive, and usually do not match the style of your site.

In this case, you can add a customized one to match your site’s branding. So, how to add custom default avatars in WordPress? An easy way to add custom default avatars is using a WordPress plugin. There are 2 plugins which can help you do that, Add New Default Avatar and WP User Avatar. To show you exactly how, we will give you detailed steps.

Using Add New Default Avatar

Add New Default Avatar allows you to add a new default avatar to your WordPress default avatar list. In the following are detailed steps to use this plugin.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to install and activate the plugin. Before moving on, you also need to create an image that you would like to use as your custom default avatar. Note that you should create one with right dimensions.

Next, go to Media > Add New, and then upload the image to your gallery. After uploading completely, copy the image URL.

Add New Avatar Image

Once done, return to the Dashboard and then go to Settings > Discussion.You’ll see the Discussion Settings page. Scroll down to the “Default Avatars” section, under which you can see there are 7 default avatars.

Settings Discussion

Next to the Add New Default Avatar, there are two blank fields. Enter the image name and paste the image URL respectively. If you want to add multiple avatars, you can add more under it.

Finally, select the avatar you have added just now and click “Save Changes” to apply it.

Using WP User Avatar

Another helpful plugin is WP User Avatar. After installing and activating it, the “Avatars” option will be on your WordPress Dashboard. Click Avatars to open it.

Now, things are easier with this plugin, because unlike the previous plugin that requires uploading image through Media, you can simply add an image from the settings page.

WP User Avatar Setting Page

To add your own custom avatar, click “Choose Image” to upload an image. Once uploaded, click “Select”.

Select Avatar Image

Then, you’ll find the selected image is assigned beside WP User Avatar, which is your newly added custom default avatar. If you want to apply it, just click “Save Changes”.

Apply Avatar

On the Bottom

Applying a custom default avatar means that it will be assigned as the avatar of your blog users who do not have their own custom gravatar.

One more thing you should note is that not all themes are compatible and you do not know whether your changes will work properly. Therefore, when making changes to the functions.php file, always remember to do backup your site just in case.