How to Add a Countdown Timer in WordPress

How to Add a Countdown Timer in WordPress

At present, we have found that many popular websites have already included the special countdown timer on some special webpages. For instance, it may appear on a promotional article indicating that the time-limited offer is going to expire. Also, it can act as the advanced notice telling people that there is something new showcased on your site sooner or later. Even, the countdown timer is pretty useful if you put your site into the maintenance mood. Frankly speaking, you can make use of it for many reasons. And in the following, we’d like to tell you how to add a countdown timer in WordPress.

Actually, we have found a lot of related WordPress plugins that you can use to add the countdown timer. This time, we’d like to introduce two useful options. Each of them allows you to generate the timers with the full customization. Check how to use them in the following.

Option 1 – Evergreen Countdown Timer

One of the best things of the Evergreen Countdown Timer is that you can create unlimited timers that are available evergreen.

With the installation of it, you can create the timer directly by clicking the Settings > Evergreen > New Countdown button. Here, you firstly should fill out all the basic information of your countdown.

Add Countdown

  • You need to enter the internal name for this countdown timer. If you generate multiple options, this practice can help you better manage them.
  • You can set this timer an evergreen one or not. If you turn on the option, this countdown timer can showcase all the times to constantly add the scarcity. If not, it will disappear when the time reaches.
  • This plugin can remember users by the IP address or the cookie.
  • You can decide when the countdown will expire based on days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Once the exact timing reaches, you can redirect people to a specific webpage you want.

Customize the Countdown Timer

If you want, you can change the look and feel of this countdown timer. For instance, you can change the color of it, decide the font size for digits and labels, as well as define the labels for timing.

Customize the Countdown Timer

Display the Countdown Timer

Now, you should save the settings of your timer and click the Manager button. Here, you can find the exclusive shortcode of this countdown timer. You can copy and paste it at anywhere you want the timer to showcase.

Display the Countdown Timer

Option 2 – POWr Countdown Timer

Our second plugin recommendation is the POWr Countdown Timer. This plugin ensures the great possibility of countdown timer customization and makes the whole process a simple thing.

Upon the installation, you can click the POWr Countdown Timer button directly from the WordPress admin to start the creation. This way, the plugin will redirect you to the exclusive interface that contains 5 main sections. These include the Counting, Title, Display, During Count and the After Count areas.

Enter the Counting Information

Here, you can choose to count based on the specific date or the exact number. If you choose to count on the date, you should enter the expiring time with the date and time precisely. Even, you can choose to count down or count up based on your needs.

Count On The Date

If you are looking to count on the number, you have to enter the starting number. Also, you should choose to count down or count up each millisecond, second, minute, hour and day.

Count On The Number

Decide the Countdown Timer Title

From this part, you can enter the title text of this countdown timer. If you want, you can also hide or display it as you like.

Countdown Timer Title

Configure the Display Settings

Now, you can decide the labels of the countdown timer. Here, you can choose to hide the labels or show the labels among available 4 options. In addition, you can click the Custom option to decide the Days label, Hours label, Minutes label and Seconds label on your own.

Also, this plugin offers 3 options for the label separators, including the colon, period and dash. Also, if you want to hide the separators, you can choose the None option.

Countdown Display

In addition, you can choose to show the seconds or not.

Show Something During the Count and After the Count

During the counting process, you can display something. For instance, you can explain the reasons as for why you decide to start the countdown this time. Also, you can display a special button that redirects people to any webpage you prefer.

After the counting, you can choose to keep the timer, repeat the counting with your wanted frequency or display anything you like.

After the Count

Make the Further Customization

Now, you can click the Next button to make the further customization with the following aspects.

  • You can decide the counting animation between the options of sliding down or counting down.
  • The font, size and color of the counter, labels and the title can be changed.
  • You can change the background and border style.

Countdown Further Customization

From the right hand, you can check the preview of your countdown timer. If you feel good, you can click the Save button. Here, you should provide a title for it and hit the Save button again.

Display the Countdown

Now, you can edit your webpage and click the Insert POWr Plugin button. From the dropdown list, you need to choose the Miscellaneous > Countdown Timer option. After that, the shortcode for your generated timer can be added automatically. After that, you simply need to publish the content to showcase the timer.

Countdown Timer Option