Add Confirmation to Prevent Accidental Publishing in WordPress

Add Confirmation to Prevent Accidental Publishing in WordPress

If you have been used WordPress for a long time, you probably have accidently hit the Publish button in a post that has not been completely approved by you to be online. As accidental publishing may bring some undesired consequences, you can avoid it by adding a confirmation message box in the publishing option of your WordPress posts and pages.

In this tutorial, we’d like to introduce how to add confirmation message in WordPress posts to avoid accidental publishing.

Possible Problems Brought by Accidental Publishing

With the advancements of the online platforms and social networking, accidental publishing can be disastrous for your site at times.

If you use any tool for sharing published posts on social media automatically, the accidentally published post can reach out to millions of people. In addition to this, if you use the newsletters plugin to send newsletters automatically for any website update, your email subscribers also know the wrong publishing of the new post.

As a result, tremendous numbers of people may visit your site and find an incomplete post with several mistakes. This eventually creates a negative impression about your site on the visitors, for they never consider accidental publishing as a significant reason for poor content.

Apart from this, if you don’t know that your incomplete post has been accidentally published for a long time, it can harm the search engine ranking of your site. This is because leading search engines might index the post and cut points for poor quality and mistakes.

How to Install and Use Publish Confirm Plugin

Accidental publishing can be avoided by adding a confirmation box to posts. There are several plugins that add this confirmation box in your WordPress site. In our example, we are using the Publish Confirm WordPress plugin for adding the authentication box. This is an efficient tool compatible with all WordPress versions higher than v3.9. It is used in thousands of WordPress sites that seek to prevent wrong publishing.

For using the Publish Confirm plugin, you should download it to your desktop from a recognized source like WordPress.oeg. Then, you must dig into your WordPress dashboard by entering your admin login credentials. Here, you have to upload the plugin file from the Plugins menu and activate it. Once done, the plugin configures automatically on your site.

Publish Confirm Plugin

Now, whenever you hit the Publish button, a warning box stating “Are you sure you want to publish this now?” appears on the screen. You should press OK for publishing a post. Alternatively, you can hit the Cancel button if you have accidently clicked the Publish option.

Alternative to the Plugin

Apart from the Publish Confirm plugin, there are several other tools that prevent accidental publishing of posts in WordPress. The Confirm Publishing Actions is an alternative to the above-mentioned plugin. This plugin is compatible with WordPress versions higher than v3.1. It works out of the box and configures automatically on your blog. However, this plugin might cause some errors in performance as it has not received any update in this year yet.

Besides, you can also try Are You Sure plugin that is compatible with WordPress v3.0 and higher. This plugin is user-friendly and light weight, generating a confirmation dialogue to the Publish button of WordPress posts effectively.