How to Add Age Restriction in WordPress Site

How to Add Age Restriction in WordPress Site

Without doubt, you can publish any legal information and web contents on your site to cater to the needs of different readers. However, if your blog posts contain the following listed examples, you’d better restrict the access to your website contents based on the age of your readers. After all, some of these words might not be proper for some under-age individuals.

  • Your posts contain the violence information or “R” movies that are inappropriate for all the young audiences.
  • Your website showcases the adult humor and any subjects that are not suitable for children and adolescents.
  • There are the sex related and dating information on your site.
  • You sell the cigarette and alcohol on your site, or display the related information.
  • You offer some services or products that require people to offer their driver’s license or the credit card information to have a try.
  • You may start some activities on your website that only adults can participate.

Actually, the reasons for you to force the age restriction on your site are various. However, no matter what it is, in the following, we’d like to tell you the detailed steps of how to add age restriction in WordPress site easily.

Step No.1 – Showcase the Age Disclaimer Information

Firstly, to avoid some afterwards issues that may happen, you need to showcase the age disclaimer information. Here, if your website has the special page of Privacy Policy, you can showcase the related information to indicate that your website has some contents that are not suitable for under-age readers to check.

Also, you can choose to publish the disclaimer page for the information of age restriction. Surely, the disclaimer information cannot be powerful enough to prevent the under-age people from entering your contents, but you can give them some hints of what they are about to see later.

In the following, we have listed two common options you can showcase on this special page.

  • You can directly add the note for the age verification, such as the question of “Are you already 18 years old”.
  • You can add a special form that requires people to enter their age or their birthday before getting the access to your site.

Age Disclaimer

Step No.2 – Add the Age Verification System

After showcasing the age related statement, now, you can set up the verification system for your site. Actually, there are a lot of well-developed WordPress plugins that can help you create this system. And personally, we think the Age Verify plugin is great.

Once you have installed it on your website, you can click the Settings > Age Verify button from the admin panel, and then, finish the following the settings.

Age Verify Settings

Here, you firstly should decide to set up the age verification for the entire website or just some specific contents. If you choose the latter option, you need to tick the age verification checkbox on the editing screen of your target posts and pages.

Age Verification Box

Also, you need to decide whether to verify the ages for all the common visitors or just for the guests that do not log in, as well as requiring people to confirm their ages before the registration or not. Then, you can enter the age limit and determine the number of limits to remember these visitors.

The next step is to decide some display options to customize the look of the overlay. For instance, you can change the overlay heading and the overlay description based on your needs, as well as picking up the right color schemes for the overlay and the background.

Even, you can choose to verify the ages using the date drop-down, confirmation checkbox or inputs.

Customize Age Verification

Here, you can check the standard display of the age verification box. Only when people have their ages verified properly, can they enter your website after clicking the Enter Site button.

Age Verification

Step No.3 – Showcase the Warning Message

The last step to do is to showcase the warning message on all your contents that are inappropriate for children. This can be viewed as the last gate to deter young people from checking your mature contents. For this, we suggest the utilization of the Content Warning plugin.

After clicking the Settings > Content Warning V3 button, you can enable this feature for the entire website, for the homepage and for some specific pages only. After that, you can decide the message details and titles for the warning.

Warning Message

The warning message has two buttons for people to click. One is Enter and another is Exit. In this case, the next step is to decide the texts for these buttons. Also, for the Exit button, you need to enter the exit link that can redirect people to a proper page of your website. As for the enter link, you can leave it blank or enter the “#” symbol only.

Warning Button

Lastly, you can optionally customize the warning popup box for the background image, opacity and the background color.

Customize Warning Box
Note that the warning message just looks like the following example.

Warning Message