AbanteCart Review – The Right Choice for Online Stores?

AbanteCart Review – The Right Choice for Online Stores?

AbanteCart is a free, reliable ecommerce solution for people to found their online business quickly and efficiently. AbanteCart is easy to install and use for merchants to control and interface their business. There must be some reasons for AbanteCart to become one of the most optimized and fast ecommerce software for the small to medium business. We review and evaluate this ecommerce application with its features: installation and administration, categories and products, customer and checkout management, payment, shipping and security.

Installation and Administration

With AbanteCart merchants who have no programming knowledge do not have trouble in the installation because it supports seamless or one- click installation and upgrade. As for administration, the software comes with a sophisticated and easy-to use control panel which allows users to locate items quickly.

Besides, in the control panel users can beautify and enrich their websites and contents with multiple templates and automatic image resizing. What’s more, users are also able to upload their audio/video and other media files to their websites.

Unlimited Categories and Products

AbanteCart enables users to control multi-store with no limitation of the number. Clear content management with custom pages and layout unfold before merchants’ eyes. Meanwhile, AbanteCart offers stock management, brands related, featured, special products and custom data listing blocks.

abantecart category and product featuresMerchants have access to choose flexible product attributes with grouping options and multiple images per product with automatic image resizing and optimization. Product option can contain individual SKU, stock, weight, price and images. And visitors can sort products by name and price. Additionally, merchants are able to adjust their selling strategy according to customer product reviews and customer wishlist.

Customers and Checkout Management

AbanteCart offers business owners with discount coupon system to attract more visitors. There are also some user-friendly services to cater to customer needs. Thanks to AbanteCart, merchants can have customers account management, order history, password reminder and monitor order by email. Besides, they have approach to collect additional details on registration according to attributes.

As for checkout, AbanteCart enables merchants to provide customers with the options of checkout with account and checkout without account (guest checkout). At the same time, business owners have the ability to set minimal order amount and configurable low order fee.


abantecart payment featuresAbanteCart supports unlimited currencies with configurable currency symbols and various payment gateways, including almost widely used payment methods like PayPal payment, Express checkout, bank transfer ,cash on delivery, cheque/money order, Alert Pay LIQPAY, Moneybookers, Paymate, Alert Pay, Authorize.Net (AIM), and more. Business owners can tailor the most convenient ones for customers. AbanteCart also offers multiple tax rates and zones for users to set.


AbanteCart allows flexible shipping modules and is fully integrated with major carriers, which enables merchants to offer customers with reliable shipping ways and to include custom message. Business owners have access to set different shipping modules for different consumers based on the price, weight, shipping restrictions, the type of products, and more.

There are some shipping options for users to choose: flat rate, free shipping, weight based shipping, pickup from store, unlimited carriers and destinations Citylink, FEDEX, UPS, Parcelforce 48, Per Item, Royal Mail. Moreover, merchants have the ability to allow their consumers to set an unlimited number of destinations.


abantecart security featuresAbanteCart comes with everything a merchant needs to be secure. It equips users with unique access tokens, and customizable admin URL for control panel access.

Additionally, password encryption in the database and the customers’ data encryption are included. Besides, SSL compatibility in store and admin is also used to enhance the security.


Based on what we have mentioned above, AbanteCart is a powerful and reliable platform with various functions to meet a variety of ecommerce needs. Applying this software, merchants can successfully and efficiently set up and manage their online business with many benefits and no security problems. There are some excellent web hosting companies which powerfully support AbanteCart.