A2Hosting VS Linode – Which Is Better for VPS Hosting?

A2Hosting VS Linode – Which Is Better for VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is becoming more and more popular over the web. When users’ sites have undergone a fast growth in both page numbers and traffic, they definitely will turn to VPS hosting that has more advanced features and benefits than the standard shared hosting. In this case, choosing a quality VPS web host is of great significance for these users to build an optimal online presence.

As two well-known VPS hosting providers, A2Hosting and Linode have built a large user base around the world, which attests to the fact that their hosting services are by no means sub-standard. Hence, here comes a question. Which company is a better choice than the other?

In this A2Hosting vs Linode comparison, we will help you find out the answer by thoroughly analyzing multiple aspects of both companies’ VPS hosting services, such as price, features, uptime, speed, customer support, and company reputation.

Rating A2Hosting Linode
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Overall Introduction to A2Hosting VPS Hosting

A2Hosting has been in the industry for 15+ years since 2001. It has been dedicated to offering users worldwide with high-quality VPS hosting services at affordable prices. Besides multiple scalable hosting plans with rich features, the company also offers a 30-day full money back guarantee as well as a pro-rated refund to minimize the risks that users may face after purchasing its services.

In addition, A2Hosting provides 100% US-based technical support. Backed by guru crew, its support is available 24x7x365 through a variety of channels, such as the phone, live chat, email, and ticket. For those who want to find out self-help solutions, it also offers a well-maintained knowledgebase coming with plenty of helpful tutorials and guides.

Overall Introduction to Linode VPS Hosting

Established in 2003, Linode has its headquarter in Galloway, New Jersey, US. Unlike many other hosts who provide extensive hosting services, the company has devoted itself to offering VPS hosting solutions only. With years of experience, it has indeed gained some advantages in the field, such as allowing up to 7 OS distributions and providing some exclusive features like NodeBalancer and Longview.

Nevertheless, the company has more disadvantages that cast its VPS hosting services into the shade in the comparison with other leading providers like A2Hosting.

  • Not cost-effective hosting plans: Detailed in the coming sections, Linode hosting services are provided at relatively premium prices with unmatched limited features.
  • Uncompetitive refund policy: It offers a 7-day money back guarantee, which is much shorter than the industry-standard 30 days and not long enough for users to try out the services.
  • Limited payment choices: Linode only accepts orders paid via credit cards. PayPal and other methods are not supported by this company.
  • Lacking user-friendly control panel: The company includes its hosting plans with neither cPanel or Plesk. Instead, it offers a command line that is not easy-to-use for most entry-level users.
  • Poor hosting performance: By our monitoring outcomes and feedback from verified users, the company does not perform well in uptime and speed.
  • Unsatisfying technical support: Live chat, one of the most efficient communication channels, is not supported by Linode, which surely leads to some inconvenience for users to get timely assistance.

A2Hosting vs Linode > Hosting Plans & Price

A2Hosting provides two ranges of VPS hosting services to meet the unique needs of different users. The first Dynamic VPS range is tailored for developers and system administrators seeking for a high-level customization of their servers. The second range – Managed VPS, on the other side, is designed for those lacking some technical know-how to enjoy the power of a VPS with ease.

The company charges both ranges at fairly affordable prices. Also, it provides an up to 34% discount for users who purchase its managed services using the coupon code BHSA2CODE. With the purpose of making it clear for readers to understand, we have listed the plans, prices, discount, and other information as below.

  • Dynamic VPS: This range of VPS hosting services includes three subordinate plans, namely, Entry, Mid, and Top. These plans are purchasable at $5/mo, $10/mo, and $15/mo respectively via this promotional link.
  • Managed VPS: Similarly, this VPS hosting range covers three plans named as Power+, Prestige+, and Pinnacle+. Since this type of services is delivered in a managed manner, it is relatively expensive than the former range. In regular, A2Hosting prices the plans at $49.99/mo, $69.99/mo, and $99.99%/mo. With the coupon code, it lowers the prices to $32.99/mo, $46.19/mo, and $65.99/mo.
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As for Linode, this company offers a total of nine hosting plans that are named mainly according to the RAM included. The former five Linode VPS hosting plans are relatively affordable with their prices varying from $10/mo to $160/mo. However, the other four plans are priced at $320/mo, $480/mo, $640/mo, and $960/mo, which are quite expensive than most competitors.

A2Hosting vs Linode > Feature Offering

In general, A2Hosting includes richer features within its hosting services compared with Linode. Based on our comprehensive investigations, it has edged over the opponent in multiple aspects, such as the allocation of server resources, ease of use, and so on.

Rich FeatureFor the unmanaged VPS hosting services, A2Hosting provides at least 2TB bandwidth, 20-50GB disk space, 1-4 CPU cores, and 1 IP Address. For the managed VPS hosting, the company allows 2 dedicated IPs, 4-8GB RAM, 75-150GB disk space, 2-4TB bandwidth, and 4-8 CPUs.

In order to simplify the understanding, we have made a list to display more highlights of A2Hosting feature offerings. Scroll down to check for more detailed information.

  • Easy-to-use control panel & Auto-installer:A2Hosting provides a user-friendly control panel to enable easy management of websites. Also, it offers an auto-installer for users to install WordPress, Joomla, Django, and more within few clicks.
  • Full root access & SSH: For the unmanaged VPS hosting, the company offers root access to grant users with full control of their servers. Besides, it includes SSH access within both VPS hosting ranges by default.
  • SwiftServer platform featuring SSD: All of A2Hosting VPS hosting services are powered by its exclusive SwiftServer platform with SSDs, with which users are able to enjoy the swiftest loading speed.
  • Worry-free HostGuard management: A2Hosting includes HostGuard management within its managed VPS range to render users with a 100% hassle-free hosting experience.
  • Multiple free extras: The company provides multiple freebies that are mainly valid for the managed VPS range, such as free setup, free CloudFlare CDN, free marketing credits, etc.

As for Linode, this company, in fact, offers fairly rich resources for its VPS hosting users. Considering the high pricing level, however, its VPS hosting services are not as cost-effective as that of A2Hosting. To illustrate this point more explicitly, we have selected two primary plans from both companies and made a comparison as below.

Feature A2Hosting Linode
Plan in Comparison Top Linode 1GB
CPU 4 Cores 1 Core
Storage 50GB 24 GB
Transfer 2TB 2TB
SSDs Yes Yes
Money Back Anytime 7 Days
Promotion Price $15/mo $10/mo
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A2Hosting vs Linode > Uptime & Speed

Horned as the best SSD VPS hosting provider, A2Hosting has enjoyed a good reputation in the whole community mainly for its outstanding reliability and performance. Besides leveraging multiple SSAE 16 certified data centers and other robust infrastructures, it also utilizes some advanced technologies to make its hosting environment reliable and fast.

For instance, the company uses CloudFlare CDN to shorten the path between users and their targets. Moreover, it adopts the technology of quadruple redundant network that consists of multiple global transit carriers to maximize its hosting reliability.

By real-world monitoring results, A2Hosting has maintained an average of 99.99% uptime in the past month, which is quite competitive in the industry.

When it comes to the hosting speed, A2Hosting has also done a good job. As the following chart shows, it consumes averagely 397ms for answering to the server requests. To be frank, this server response time is fairly extraordinary.

Based on the illustrations above, A2Hosting is trustworthy in regard to both uptime and speed. Unfortunately, this is not the case of Linode. Despite the fact that this company utilizes relatively solid hardware and software, its performances in reliability and speed are not satisfying as expected, achieving 99.9% uptime only and consuming much longer time for a server response.

Summary – A2Hosting Is Recommended

From this side-by-side A2Hosting vs Linode comparison, it is clear that A2Hosting is a better choice than the other for VPS hosting. It provides budget-friendly hosting plans that are richly featured. What’s more, the company has the capability to deliver your website contents in an extremely stable and fast manner.