A Small Orange VS InMotion Hosting on Budget Web Hosting

A Small Orange VS InMotion Hosting on Budget Web Hosting

Both A Small Orange and InMotion Hosting are among the popular shared web hosting providers aiming to offering affordable and reliable hosting services. So far, both of them have served thousands of customers. Because of this, people would more or less feel confused when deciding which one to go for.

To help those webmasters get familiar with the 2 web hosts and make a final decision, we start this A Small Orange vs InMotion Hosting comparison side by side. What we mainly focus on is their Linux web hosting plans from the aspects of pricing, features, hosting performance and technical support.

Based on our real hosting experience with the 2 platforms, we made the following rating table which will give you a general overview of their shared hosting services.

Rating A Small Orange InMotion Hosting
Technical Support
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Cost-Effectiveness of Hosting Service

In today’s hosting industry, there are many reputable companies that provide really quality hosting services. However, they usually charge expensive prices that can hinder most users from making a final decision. InMotion Hosting, however, offers its first-class services at much cheaper prices than A Small orange and other competitors.

A Small Orange offers 4 shared hosting plans, including Tiny plan, Small, Medium and Large. Regularly, it rates these plans at $2.92/mo, $5/mo, $10/mo, and $20/mo respectively. In general, the companies’ hosting services are affordable at the fist sight. However, the former two plans come with quite limited features that we will detail in the following sections while the latter ones are fairly expensive. In this case, the company is far from being cost-effective.

InMotion Hosting, on the other side, releases 3 shared hosting packages, namely, Launch, Power and Pro, regularly starting at $6.99/mo. However, this web host now offers a special discount if you visit their website through this promotional link below, which makes the prices effectively start at $2.95/mo.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

What should be explained here is their money back guarantee. Both A Small Orange and InMotion Hosting guarantees 90-day full refund for their shared hosting customers. In addition, A Small Orange also allows pro-rated refund after that period.

Hosting Feature

When choosing a hosting plan, cheap price is not the only factor you need to consider, as feature is also very crucial. Both A Small Orange and InMotion Hosting provide unlimited MySQL databases and FTP accounts, user-friendly cPanel, 1-click installation including a number of scripts.

Despite these common points, A Small Orange is not as competitive as InMotion Hosting from the perspective of features. Based on our investigations, InMotion has outperformed its rival a lot for being more generous with the allocation of server resources and supporting many other significant features.

With the purpose of illustrating this point in a clearer way, we have selected two primary plans from both companies and made a comparison between their feature offerings. Check the following table for more details.

Features A Small Orange InMotion Hosting
Plans in Comparison Small Power
Disk Space 5 GB Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer 50 GB Unlimited
SSD Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes
SSH No Yes
Perl, Ruby on Rails No Yes
Free Data Backup No Yes
Free Site Transfer No Yes
Free Advertising Credits No $250

According to the table above, for some important features like disk storage, bandwidth, programming languages and free extras like advertising credits, A Small Orange does not do as well as InMotion Hosting.

Reliability and Speed

Both of the 2 web hosting providers guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and fast speed. However, as we have explained below, only InMotion Hosting has succeeded in keeping this guarantee.

A Small Orange maintains 2 distinct US based data centers located in Dallas and Dearborn, which come with redundant power supply, full CCTV surveillance, climate control, fire suppression and more. What’s more, this company not only utilizes high performance servers, but also applies multi-homed BGP meshed network and SSD drives, etc.

Powered by these robust infrastructures, A Small Orange hosting environment should be extremely reliable and fast as we expected. However, the reality is a little bit dramatic. According to our monitoring, the company has barely maintained an average of 99.92% in the last thirty days. And its server response time is much longer than the industry-standard 400ms.

A Small Orange Uptime and Speed

By contrast, InMotion Hosting has done a much better job on both reliability and speed. As the following screenshot displays, the company has made sure that its users’ websites are available to their visitors 100% of the time. Moreover, it provides users with the swiftest hosting experience, consuming only 275ms for responding to server requests.

InMotion Uptime and Speed

Such excellent result does not surprise us a lot, after all, InMotion has done a lot to deliver reliable and fast hosting service. You can check the detailed information in the following list.

  • Data centers – multiple data centers located in Logs Angeles, CA and Washington, DC, covering both the west coast and east coast of US.
  • Servers – high performance Dell branded servers that are fully tested before being applied.
  • Robust facilities – Climate control system, UPS power supply, exclusive Max Speed Zones and SSD drives.
  • Partners – Largest ISPs & Peering partners like nLayer, Level 3, Corporate Colocation, etc.
  • Other speeding up related technologies – 4 tier 1ISP providers via BGP, carrier-grade network core from Brocade, 20 gigabits of connectivity over 10 gig Ethernet connection, and multiple layers of network redundancy, and so on.

Technical Support

Both companies are aware of the importance of customer service, so they value this a lot. In order to deliver high-quality hosting services, both of them offer 24×7 technical support which aims to help people out whenever there is any problem. However, there also remain some shortcomings in A Small Orange technical support, which make it inferior to InMotion Hosting at this point of view.

Firstly, while InMotion Hosting provides all the most popular communication channels like the live chat, toll-free phone, email, knowledgebase, and other mainstream social media, A Small Orange refuses to present users with any phone support. This surely will lead to some inconvenience for urgent users to get timely assistance.

Secondly, A Small Orange technical support is not as responsive as that of its opponent. According to verified customers’ feedback, the company takes more than 40minutes on average to reply for a user’ support request. InMotion Hosting, however, usually takes less than 10 seconds to respond to its users’ requests, making sure that they do not need to wait for a long time before getting any helpful advice as well as solutions.

Conclusion – Which One Is Better?

From what we have talked above in this A Small Orange vs InMotion Hosting comparison, both web hosts provide multiple hosting plans with 24×7 technical support. However, concerning cost-effectiveness, unlimited allocation of storage and bandwidth, reliability, speed, and support responsiveness, InMotion Hosting undoubtedly does a much better job than A Small Orange.

Therefore, when asked which one of the two companies is a better choice, we surely will answer “InMotion Hosting”. If you take your website seriously and desire to find a quality web hosts on a small budget, go InMotion Hosting, the one that can satisfy all your needs.