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A Small Orange VS Bisend Comparison

A Small Orange VS Bisend on Shared Hosting SolutionsA clear idea will be delivered from the comparison of A Small Orange vs Bisend that which one is better for shared hosting.

This can avoid a waste of time and energy to collect much information on your own.

Our professional editors know well how to reveal the secret and distinguish one from the other. During the process, customer feedbacks are also taken into consideration.

Price, feature, uptime, speed, and support are the core factors to measure A Small Orange and Bisend.

Below rating table is on the basis of what we have collected about the two web hosts. With a view to that, you can learn their own strengths and weaknesses before the purchase.

RatingA Small OrangeBisend
Price3.5 of 55 of 5
Feature2.5 of 54.5 of 5
Uptime4.5 of 55 of 5
Speed3 of 54.5 of 5
Support3 of 54.5 of 5
More Information A Small Orange ReviewBisend Review


With A Small Orange, Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large are the three shared hosting solutions to choose from. Their prices remain $5.92/mo, $8/mo, $15/mo, and $25/mo, which have no relationship with your billing cycle. However, a special attention should be paid that month-to-month terms are not available for the Tiny Plan.

Above is not the case with Bisend. The bottom prices are accessible to those who subscribe to a yearly plan. After up to 64% discounts, the regular prices can be as low as $2.95/mo. With Bisend, your website can be hosted on a Linux or Windows platform.

Price InformationA Small OrangeBisend
Plan in ComparisonTinyStandard
12-Month Payment$5.92/mo$4.95/mo
24-Month Payment$5.92/mo$3.95/mo
36-Month Payment$5.92/mo$2.95/mo


One of the major concerns for ASO is the strict limitations on the server resources. On the shared hosting, the maximum amount of disk space and bandwidth is set as 30 GB and 500 GB. Though Bisend also limits the usage to the Standard plan, it can also meet the needs for an unlimited plan.

Also, ASO fails to utilize the latest PHP versions, which may cause some compatibility issues. But Bisend never stops the steps to keep up with the changes in the market. And private SSL certificates are provided for free to secure online transactions on the websites hosted with Bisend.

SSH access, SSD drives, and daily backups are all on their feature list. It is a good thing that these noticeable features are not charged for extra money.

Feature InformationA Small OrangeBisend
Plan in ComparisonTinyStandard
Hosted Domain11
Disk Space500 MB10 GB
Bandwidth5 GB50 GB
Email AccountsUnlimited50
Control PanelcPanelPlesk
Private SSLNoYes
Website TransferYesYes
1-Click InstallerYesYes
Daily BackupsYesYes
Ad CreditsYesNo


Only on a reliable hosting environment can your website run smoothly. With quality content contained, your website needs to be accessible to visitors under normal circumstances. To show their confidence on the reliable shared hosting service, both A Small Orange and Bisend make a public guarantee to deliver more than 99.9% uptime.

The real uptime has been under our long period of monitoring. As a matter of fact, both web hosts have done as they promise. What impresses me most is that Bisend can even average the uptime to 99.99% in the past month.


Speed is also an important factor to choose a web host. Especially, businesses should have a higher requirement on that. According to what we have monitored, there is a sharp gap between their server response time. It is Bisend that can respond to each request in a much faster way. The average server response time is less than 400ms.

With Bisend, two data center locations are available for you to choose: One is in the United States, and the other is in Hong Kong. No matter which one you choose, each data center has been optimized for faster speed.

Customer Service & Support

It can be a source of disappointment that both web hosts lack phone support. But there are some other contact options with which you can ask for technical assistance: live chat, ticket, and email. Though both claim to provide 24/7 technical support, our personal tests tell us two different stories.

The ASO ticket system is hidden behind a login screen, which brings the inconvenience to create a ticket. In addition, we wait a long time for the chat system to be responsive. But no new window is opened after we enter all the forms, which disappoints me a lot. On this aspect, ASO should take Bisend as a good example.

Conclusion – Bisend Is Recommended

With the consideration of multiple factors, we recommend Bisend more. In the long run, you will benefit a lot from the good service quality. Within the first 30 days, you have the right to ask for a refund if not dissatisfied with Bisend.

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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