8 Useful eCommerce Marketing Strategies That Help Increase Sales

8 Useful eCommerce Marketing Strategies That Help Increase Sales

Recently, a mounting number of people prefer to unitize ecommerce software like PrestaShop, OpenCart and TomatoCart to start and manage their online business. All of these applications have one crucial thing in common – they offer conductive tools to assist marketing strategies like selling on multiple channels and adjust selling strategies in time. Since these strategies are too many to choose a suitable one, we aim to work out a comprehensive summary of useful marketing strategies.

According to our own ecommerce marketing experience and other webmasters’ advices, we elaborately pick up 8 beneficial marketing methods as follows. Additionally, all the methods with high practicability and availability are recognized by many marketing experts.

Post Real-Time Contents

Outdated website content like unfashionable look and unattractive product images tends to turn off visitors’ purchasing desires. On the other hand, if you post real-time contents, including stunning look, latest product information and best-seller recommendation and more, visitors will be stimulated to purchase, then your turnout will be tremendously increased.

Advertise on Popular Social Platforms

advertise on popular social platformsIt is a global phenomenon that people all around the world regard social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as a part of their life. Therefore, it is absolutely sensible for you to advertise your products on these channels.

After our interview for thousands of netizens, we have found that most of them cannot help click some advertisements when seeing them online. So, go head to make personalized advertisement on social platforms.

Launch Promotion Campaign

When you make your customers feel that they have access preferential price and treat, they are normally willing to buy your products. Therefore, it is reasonable to launch a promotion campaign. To be specific, you are able to create a discount & coupon system, which means customers can enjoy certain discount for some specified commodities or in some specified time. Moreover, point accumulation system is also a stimulus for your customers.

Keep Contact with Customers

It is quite important to let your customers feel that they are valued for you. In detailed, you are able to send emails of promotional activities information to your customers. Besides, sending greeting messages to consumers at their birthdays or some special holidays is a good way to raise their affection for your online stores. Moreover, if you have access, do not forget to get contact to you potential consumers.

Improve Customer Service

improve customer serviceOffering customer-friendly service is a sensible way to take an advantageous place in the competitive online market. To be specific, you try your best to meet shoppers’ reasonable needs. Furthermore, once an order is completed, you can print invoice for shoppers if they ask. Besides, gift wrapping service is also a useful way to win the favorability of consumers.

Adjust Selling Orientations

If you employ one ecommerce software mentioned above, you have access to get plenty of meaningful reports covering purchased product, viewed product and low stock product report. According to these information you have ability to increase sale of best-seller and decrease sale of unpopular products. Moreover, enriching popular goods’ personalized description is also essential.

Invest in Mobile

It is no doubt that mobile users have become a huge potential market. Therefore, you should try your best to accept as many shopping ways as possible instead of ignoring mobile users. As for this aspect, some ecommerce platforms like 3DCart supporting you to reach customers with mobile devices are so helpful. Accepting mobile purchasing not only brings shoppers convenience but also promotes sales.

Lay Emphasis on Customer Reviews

lay emphasis on customer reviewsA large number of visitors pay much attention to customer reviews when they browse your website. Specifically, they tend to buy some products with complementary reviews.

Therefore, it is indispensable for you to keep an eye to your review board. Once you find some negative comments appear, you should immediately contact customers and inquire what make them unsatisfied with products or services. Then, make endeavors to meet their reasonable claim. Finally, ask them politely to change their comments.