Top 8 Tips for Elegant Website Homepage Design

Top 8 Tips for Elegant Website Homepage Design

No matter what purpose you bear in mind to set up a public online presence coming with various sizes, contents and types, you must want to make it as popular as possible, generating the massive traffic and daily visits. As the website design plays a vital role in attracting new readers and keeping the current readers, here, you can start with the design of your homepage.

In fact, the homepage can be regarded as the virtual front door of the whole site, which is responsible for the initial point of access to your core contents. Its prominence requires you to design it with the clear purpose and great appearance. In addition, instead of treating it as a landing page that is around a single special action, the real effective homepage should be designed to satisfy your readers from different points.

This time, we have summarized the top 8 tips for elegant website homepage design, with which you can effectively and effortlessly increase conversions, educate people and attract traffic.

Tip No.1 – Have All the Basic Elements Included

We have found that many webmasters design and manage their homepage just for the visual appealing purpose, missing some critical components that are cores of this special page. In the following, we have listed these elements and you’d better check whether your homepage has these parts.

  • Headline – The headline ensures that your readers can know what your site is going to offer in less than three seconds. It is only a few words that are simple and clear, but is an essential piece of your homepage.
  • Sub-headline – This part should be showcased below the headline, displaying a brief introduction of your site.
  • Major call to actions – In fact, the primary goal of your homepage is to attract your readers to dig into your site in a deeper manner. And the best way to achieve this is to include at least 3 call to actions, such as sign up, register and buy.
  • HD images – Note that most readers are visual, so you’d better place the images on your homepage to attract attention, lead to actions and capture emotion.
  • Social proof – Frankly, this can be viewed as a powerful indicator of the trustworthy for your web contents. Especially, if your site is about online business, these testimonials, customer stories and awards bring you a lot.
  • Navigation – The homepage should ensure a clear path for readers to get into your site. This can reduce bounce rate greatly.

Homepage Elements

Tip No.2 – Keep It Simple

It is true that you’d better make your homepage as informative as possible. However, this does not mean that you need to include tons of call to actions, buttons, widgets, links and blocks to come out a complicated one. Generally, too many items can overwhelm and distract your readers, giving them a feel of going back finally.

In fact, you only need a clear navigation bar and some main sidebar widgets to indicate the core contents or categories of your site. If your navigation is functional that comes with clear labels, people can find their targets easily, so you do not need to place all of them on the homepage.

Tip No.3 – Pay Attention to Your Website Logo

The logo can be used to indicate the uniqueness of your website, and your homepage is the great location to display it. However, you’d better avoid the mistake of achieving more attention of your logo than it deserves. For instance, some webmasters choose to locate it in the dead center of the whole page, and others even make it occupy a large portion of the header section.

Note that although the logo can be beneficial of your branding perspective, you’d better not to make it the main item for your homepage.

The following image displays a good example.

Website Logo

Tip No.4 – Display Some Featured Products Or Contents

Personally speaking, we think a truly functional homepage needs to reflect the shameless self-marketing of your key contents, products and some services. In this case, you can showcase some featured contents and items that you are proud of. This gives people a strong impression that these things have the enough value to purchase and check.

Featured Products Or Contents

Tip No.5 – Give A Purpose for Your Homepage

The homepage, especially the homepage of a business site, might be the first place that people will see and is more likely to be clicked in the SERPs. In this case, you’d better set a main purpose for your homepage. This can maximize the final result of your goal.

In most cases, the purpose of your homepage can be the establishment of your website identity. This means your homepage should give people a strong and direct impression of who you are, ensure the clear paths for the whole site navigation, tell people what they can get from you and help them identify your site against some other web platforms within the identical niche.

In addition, you can also set some other purposes based on your website types. For instance, the homepage of an online store is to trigger the purchase actions and the homepage of a photo gallery is to trigger the clicks of images.

Tip No.6 – Pay Attention to the Above the Fold

If you are not a web designer, you might not be familiar with the term of “above the fold”. In fact, it refers to the particular portion of your homepage that will be visible in the browser right after the whole page is fully loaded, without the need to scroll. You can view this part as the ultimate first impression of your whole site. In this case, you should pay much attention to its design, display the most critical information and maintain the highest level of readability.

In addition, it is possible that people will land on your homepage using different devices. As the screen and resolution are not the same, the above the fold on the PC and laptop can be showcased in a different way when it is on the tablet and a phone. In this case, only a responsive design is not enough, you have to test the homepage across different devices to ensure the best result.

Above the Fold

Tip No.7 – Select the Homepage Font Wisely

To be frank, the font you have selected for your homepage can have a psychological effect on your website readers, influencing how they view your web content.

Here, we have found that many webmasters choose to use multiple fonts on the homepage and highlight the core content with the bold options. But actually, having too many fonts may give people a sense of chaotic. In this case, you can use up to 2 fonts to achieve the legibility and simplicity, ensuring the uniformity and cohesion of your homepage.

Tip No.8 – Focus on the Use of Color Scheme

The color scheme actually determines how your readers interpret and engage with the content and information shown on your homepage. Generally speaking, a homepage coming with too many colors along with the harsh contrasts can give your readers a feeling that you are living in the past. Below are three tips for this aspect.

  • Choose the most neutral colors and avoid the bold ones.
  • Leave enough white space.
  • Use the harsh contrasts carefully.
  • Use the bright color scheme in most cases and avoid the extremely dark one.