3DCart Review – Is It a Good Choice for Creating Online Store

3DCart Review – Is It a Good Choice for Creating Online Store

When it comes to set up or run an online store, an increasing number of webmasters turn to reliable ecommerce software, including 3DCart, PrestaShop, AbanteCart, OpenCart and more. Since recently 3DCart has been gaining more and more attention, we make endeavor to offer a comprehensive information about it.

After our thorough and careful study by browsing users’ comments and surfing its official website, we gather some details based on its several perspectives including pricing, site design, product management, marketing, order processing and more to figure out whether this software is a good choice for online business.


3DCart offers three main packages for you to select in terms of your purposes and budgets. All of them have something in common, including no transaction and setup fees, premium phone technical support, mobile commerce, unlimited HDD storage and no contract. Moreover, you can try 3DCart free for 15 days.

If paid monthly, Mini plan supporting 100 products charges $19.99/mo; Starter plan supporting 500 products charges $35.99/mo; and Gold plan supporting 1,000 products charges $49.99/mo. At the same time, if paid annually, the 3 plans charge $16.99/mo, $30.60/mo and $42.50/mo respectively.

Site Design

3dcart review site design3DCart provides you with more than 50 templates and access to use HTML&CSS to design your own site. It also offers you the ability to choose colors and upload files with FTP to your online store. Meanwhile, the exclusive quick edit bar lets you make your own rich-featured design by adding categories, products and webpages. And unlimited categories and sub-categories are allowed for you to create.

Additional changes are able to be made with the help of online store administrator and style editor. Particularly, you are allowed to add YouTube videos to product page with this platform, which helps you increase conversion rates. Additionally, 3DCart also gives you access to hold breadcrumb and intuitive navigation.

Product Management

3DCart allows you have multiple product layouts showing name and price to display your commodity. To bring up consumers’ interests, you have the ability to upload unlimited images to every product and create a stunning image gallery with the click of a button. Moreover, offering your customers a wish list is also a sensible choice.

The possibility of appearing low stock is decreased tremendously, because this solution enables you to keep track of product stock with multiple options like color and size. More importantly, 3DCart supports both common products and downloadable products.


3dcart review marketingYou are able to create your own marketing plans, such as offering coupon & discount system, and free shipping. Meanwhile, E-mail Newsletter Manager is 3DCart’s specialty to keep your customers informed of sales, promotions or new items.

Social media is another beneficial choice for marketing and the SocialCommerce tool simplifies the updating of Blog directly from your store admin. For instance, you can sell products directly from Facebook with Facebook Store.

Statistics and Reporting

There are a series of statistical data and over 25 comprehensive reports helping you to review the performance of every product, including the best-selling items and monthly & daily product activity. You also have the ability to keep your store well stocked according to the inventory report.

Furthermore, your store with 3DCart is able to be integrated easily with Google Analytics which assists you to keep track of site statistics like individual visits and referrals. Besides, this platform’s built-in and real-time dashboard allows you to get information like customer activity.

Order Processing

3dcart review order processingThis software owns advanced order processing features composed by three parts, namely, multiple “ship to”, drop shipping, and advanced tax calculation. All of them improve customers’ shopping experience.

In detailed, “ship to” allows your consumers to purchase several products and select different addresses per item. Having drop shipping means that you are able to calculate shipping rates for products in terms of multiple warehouse location. Last but not least, the built-in advanced tax calculator frees you from complicated tax calculation with sophisticated tables covering most parts of world.


3DCart is integrated with multiple shipping methods like UPS, Fedex, Canada Post, USPS and more. With this user-friendly solution you are able to provide real- time shipping rate to your customers during the checkout process. Products tracking information is also available, which brings convenience to your consumers.

This solution allows you have the flexible shipping rules based on geographical location, weight, quantity, size and more. This rule is particularly focused on catering to none-standard items like sculptures and some certain food items.


3dcart review summaryFrom our detailed analysis of this software, we concludes that 3DCart with rich-featured functionality is a good choice for creating online store. Whoever you are, an entrepreneur or a web designer, 3DCart is your useful and favorable tool.

However, if you are looking for an open source shopping cart software, and plan to host the site by yourself for budget consideration, some eCommerce software such as PrestaShop, AbanteCart and OpenCart mentioned from the start, are better choices. Since hosting platform is the backbone of these platforms, we recommend some excellent ecommerce-friendly web hosting companies which are fully compatible with these solutions as below.