2FreeHosting Review – Is Free Hosting Really Good?

2FreeHosting Review – Is Free Hosting Really Good?

2FreeHosting is a young free hosting and free servers provider who was established in the year of 2011. The head office of this company is located in the EU. So far, the company hosts about 300,000 active websites from all around the world.

This web host claims that they can provide the best and most affordable hosting services, but can they really do so? Do webmasters believe the company can provide best hosting service without any fee? That’s a question needed to be be confirmed. To make sure whether this free hosting is really good or just a pretended trap, we make a comprehensive analysis from several vital parts, including price, feature, performance and technical support.

2FreeHosting Review

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Because we have mentioned before that 2FreeHosting provides free hosting solutions, it can be said that almost no one would worry about the price. This company releases 2 hosting packages. The first plan is totally free while the other one starts at $2/mo.

There is no doubt that such prices are quite competitive in this industry. However, price doesn’t mean everything. Other points are still important for web hosting solutions, such as features, reliability and something else.


When it comes to hosting features, 2FreeHosting does not do a good job compared with some other web hosts who just ask for a very low price. For the free plan, 20GB disk space and 150GB monthly data transfer are included. Moreover, 10 email accounts, 5 subdomains and 5 parked domains are involved.

featureSpeaking to security of hosting, only those who choose the plan with $2/mo can enjoy SSH. By the way, the company doesn’t offer SSL certificate, so you can never expect high security of you websites and statistics.

What’s worse, 2FreeHosting doesn’t provide useful programming languages, such as Python and Ruby on Rails, which is absolutely a failure.


Before choosing an appropriate hosting provider, you have to take its loading speed and uptime into consideration. Although 2FreeHosting claims to provide 99.99% uptime and fast loading speed, the company doesn’t equip with some powerful facilities to make their words come true.

With Max CPU Power and New Powerful Servers, the company can only ensure the common speed of page loading and server response. The loading time of pages will be longer and even sometimes downtime incurs if pictures are loaded.

Customer Support

technical support

2FreeHosting provides customer services via email and live chat. As a matter a fact, only the customers who purchase Premium hosting with $2/mo can enjoy live chat while free users don’t have such right. The company boasts that they can offer timely and professional technical support, but the real condition is on the contrary. According to the responses of their users, the company doesn’t provide satisfactory customer service.

In addition, this company doesn’t include phone call method to help customers in problems, which means customers cannot get any quick and effective response from the company if they choose the free package.


On the basis of comprehensive analysis before, here comes a conclusion that free hosting isn’t as good as we think. A famous proverb illustrates such a point – one gets what one pays for. We don’t recommend you to choose this company because of its limited features, poor performance and terrible technical support.

Instead, if you are looking for a cost-effective shared hosting company, we strongly recommend you to consider the following alternatives, because they have affordable price, rich features, fast loading speed and professional technical support.