1Shoppingcart Review on Price, Features & Support

1Shoppingcart Review on Price, Features & Support

1Shoppingcart is a reliable and favorable choice if you are looking for an ecommerce solution to assist you for the setup and management of your online business. More and more online stores prefer to apply it for making profits. Until now, 1Shoppingcart has more than 3 million users and become one of the most popular shopping carts in the marketplaces.

According to our careful and considerate research about the users’ comment on this shopping cart and the information at its official site, we review and evaluate it with price, features and support in details.


This powerful ecommerce solution offers three packages for people. Webmasters can choose one of them according to their purposes and financial conditions.

Plus charges $34 per month and 1.25% transaction fee, including 24/7 standard support, free store template, 500 products and 1 user license. Premium charging $119 per month and 1% transaction fee is the most popular one. And it offers 24/7 standard support, premium store templates, unlimited products, and 5 user licenses. Ultimate charges $249 per month and 0.75% transaction fee, which offers 24/7 ultimate support, premium support, unlimited products, 5 user licenses, free domain name and custom SSL certificate.

What’s more, all of these three packages carry with no setup fees, email marketing tools, integrated post-sale upsells, digital downloads, the services of recurring billing, contact management, and the support of mobile commerce.


1shoppingcart features1Shoppingcart gives you an approach to hold an impressive website. You can select one of the specialized and professional templates or use one of your own to make your store look awesome. Besides, it offers you a choice to design your own site by using different sizes, multiple colors and various products with stunning images and views. Furthermore, with this flexible ecommerce platform, you can sell anything, including products, services, digital goods and more. In addition, it holds other highlighted features as follows.

Merchandising tools
It provides you with merchandising tools to control your products, inventory and orders. You are able to keep content fresh by adding, editing, and deleting products with just a few clicks of a mouse. Moreover, you have an approach to receive orders and fulfill them fast by applying order management. More importantly, with secure user access offered by this system, you have the ability to grant your staff access to your store’s backend without giving up privacy and sensitive information.

As for marketing, this platform lays great emphasis on helping to attract customers and increase your turnout. You are able to set a discount or coupon system to attract more visitors. Besides, this shopping cart carries a way to Google Product Search and TheFind for you to advertise your commodity.

At the same time, 1Shoppingcart enables you to raise competition by offering you search engine optimization tools. Importantly, it has a specialty of creating targeted email campaigns based on consumers’ browsing records and purchase histories to keep them coming back.

1shoppingcart paymentAs far as payment, it makes payment processing safe and secure. 1Shoppingcart supports most of the widely used payment gateways, such as online merchant account, PayPal, MasterCard and offline processing. As a certified solution, it is coded with CSIP (visa cardholder information security program) and PCI (data security standards) to let you know your customer data is safe. Meanwhile, it offers the highest level of encryption to protect customers’ sensitive information.


This user-friendly ecommerce solution has a professional customer support team ready to assist people with any questions. There are three support packages tailored for merchants to select according to their various needs.

Firstly, standard support includes telephone support, and Monday-Friday email support with two-day response time. Besides, this one is focused on simple issues with low sense of urgency. Secondly, plus support offers telephone support, live chat support, and seven-day-a-week email support with 24-hour response time. And it aims to solve all product issues with a medium sense of urgency. Thirdly, ultimate support, besides all the features plus support holds, has account setup and dedicated 30 minutes a month of do-it-for-me service.

1shoppingcart supportAt the same time, there are also additional support services available. Applying 1Shoppingcart, merchants have access to its online training website which contains a series of video tutorials showing users exactly how to use this platform. Moreover, if anyone is intended to utilize this platform for online business, he or she is able to take the free and risk-free test drive for 4 weeks.


From the information we have discussed, 1Shoppingcart, flexible and high-end ecommerce platform with fundamental functions and customizable site creation, is deserving a lot trust and worthwhile for trying.

However, as 1Shoppingcart is a hosted platform, it comes with some common issues like the lack of control and customizability. If you are looking for a flexible ecommerce solution, we suggest you to use a self-hosted ecommerce software on a reliable server offered by reputed web hosting companies. The 3 web hosts below are all highly recommended for hosting online stores.