Top 10 Tips of How to Promote Old Blog Posts for More Traffic

Top 10 Tips of How to Promote Old Blog Posts for More Traffic

If you want to increase the daily page views and the overall traffic of your site without the need to come out some new blog posts, the easiest and the most effective method is to promote your old articles. As researched, most bloggers, especially those who are new in the blogging world, never promote, update and optimize their old content. They simply write down the words, publish it and share the content once or twice online; then, leave them to die in the archive page of their sites.

If you are the one who waste all your time and effort put into the old articles, you’d better check the below tips about how to promote old blog posts for increasing the traffic and online visibility.

Here, we have to note that you can only promote some evergreen content. As for the time-sensitive ones such as promotions and discounts, you can ignore them.

Tip 1 – Share Your Old Blog Posts on Your Social Platforms Regularly

This is the first practice and the most effective method you can try for the promotion of the old blog posts. Especially, if your social accounts have a large number of active followers, you can maximize the exposure of your old content easily. Here, we’d like to share some tricks of how to leverage this method for getting the best result.

  • Share the old posts on all the social platforms you have registered. Some hot options like Facebook and Twitter cannot be missed.
  • Share around 3 to 4 posts for each day. This frequency does not mean the overdoing of this method but is likely to have people check one of your posts at least.
  • Try to use the Revive Old Post plugin that can automatically share your old content on all the popular social media at the random interval.
  • Add the labels such as “revised” and “updated”, thus people can know your newly shared information is not out of date.
  • Share with the related hashtags using some hot keywords.

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Tip 2 – Make An Update on Your Old Posts and Publish Them One More Time

When it comes to the republishing of your old posts, it does not mean that you can simply change the publishing date. Instead, you need to add more valuable information to the content. For instance, you can change the post titles with the better, updated and keyword-focused headlines. Especially, if the initial titles of your old articles are dull, you need to tweak them at once. You can leverage some keyword searching tools for this aspect, and remember, do not change your permalinks or you will get the 404 error.

In addition to the titles, you also need to optimize the content section. Here, you can write down more words or remove some unnecessary parts to make your old posts interesting and informative. For instance, if your post is about some tips and tricks, you can search online for adding more valuable aspects.

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Tip 3 – Adopt the Internal Linking Strategy

In fact, this is a White Hat SEO strategy. By doing so, you can link your old posts to other content on your site. In this case, when people check these posts, they have the chances to click the links back to your old articles.

To use this method, you need to make sure that the linked posts are highly relevant, talking about the same or similar subjects. In addition, you can choose to insert internal links into the post content using some keywords. Or, you can showcase the “follow-up” posts to encourage readers to check your old content.

Tip 4 – Create the Roundup for Both Your Old Posts and New Posts

The creation of roundup for your posts is another effective way to bring more traffic and achieve a spike on your page views via your old content. By doing so, your readers are likely to check the posts they have missed, which are published by you in the past.

For instance, the roundup can regard to the “top XX posts” for this week, this month or this quarter. Also, it can regard to the “best xx articles” for some specific categories, groups and archives. Here, do not forget to mix your old posts with some new contents for these roundups.

Tip 5 – Display the Box for Related Blog Posts below Your Content

It is possible that your old posts are highly related to your newly added blog contents, coming with the same thesis statement. If so, we highly recommend you to show your readers a special related posts section. If people are looking for more information on their searched topics, they are likely to click these links for checking your old articles.

Related Blog Posts

Tip 6 – Showcase Your Old Posts as the Most Popular Articles in Sidebar

No matter how many articles you have published on your site, you have to admit that some posts are much more popular than others. Even, these mostly checked contents continue getting more views. After all, your readers, especially the first-time readers, are more likely to check what other people feel interesting.

In this case, you can showcase a special area in your website sidebar that lists the popular blog posts of your site, and add your old articles into this list. You can modify this special list constantly so that you can showcase all your old posts round by round.

Tip 7 – Create the 404 Error Page for Your Old Content

There are so many reasons for your readers to encounter the 404 error when checking your site. For instance, they have entered the wrong permalink; you have already deleted that post; you have set up the wrong permalink settings and many more.

However, you can use this special chance to create the 404 error page, with which you can redirect your readers to one of your old blog posts for having visitors highly engaged.

Tip 8 – Link Your Old Blog Posts in the Comment Section

If you open your blog comment, you can answer some questions raised by your readers using the links of your old blog posts. In addition, you can check some hot posts of your peer bloggers, and comment on these articles using your old post links to express your own opinions on a specific topic.

As researched, more than 70% of readers have the habit to read the post comments, so this practice brings you the better visibility of your old content.

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Tip 9 – Promote Using Your Newsletter

Sending out the newsletters to your website subscribers is another effortless way for the promotion of old blog posts. The best part of this practice is that you can send as many newsletters as you want. If you do not want to look like the spammer, you can do this by changing the newsletter headlines that can create the curiosity for your readers to open the emails and to make the click on your post links.

Tip 10 – Show Your Old Posts as the Sticky Posts

If you make use of the sticky post feature, you can have your selected content being showcased on your homepage or the sidebar area all the times until you change it to another. To be frank, this kind of long standing on your site can result in more page views effectively. Here, you can stick different old posts in a periodical manner.