000WebHost VS InMotion – Which Is Better for Blogging

000WebHost VS InMotion – Which Is Better for Blogging

With the arrival of a new promotional campaign, a great number of our readers want to seize the chance to start a website. 000WebHost and InMotion stimulate the interest of those who are looking for cheap hosting. But slow down your steps before finding out the true service quality.

A quick and wrong choice will damage your hosing journey. This is a lesson you should not learn after the purchase of a solution. Indeed, there are numerous instances where the limited technical knowledge gets in your way to well set the two web hosts apart. But this is not an issue under the guidance of this 000WebHost vs InMotion comparison where price, feature, uptime, speed, and support are in our careful discussion.

Rating 000WebHost InMotion
Price 5 stars 4.5 stars
Feature 5 stars 2 stars
Uptime 3 stars 5 stars
Speed 2 stars 5 stars
Support 2.5 stars 5 stars
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Pro of 000WebHost – Free and Cheap Web Hosting

On hearing that 000WebHost provides free web hosting or the limited time offer is ticking down, some rush at once to the official website for a plan. We quite understand the trouble succumbing to the temptation of the free and cheap web hosting. After all, those who have much limited budget can almost start from scratch. The paid options given by 000WebHost are even starting at $0.80/mo ONLY with up to 90% discounts.

InMotion has been dedicated to providing affordable hosting solutions since the establishment. But the bottom price of this web host is $5.99/mo for the 2-year subscription on Launch plan through the promo link.

Price Information 000WebHost InMotion
Plan in Comparison Single Web Hosting Launch
Quarterly Payment $0.80/mo
Semi-Annual Payment $1.80/mo
Annual Payment $2.39/mo $6.99/mo
Biennial Payment $2.00/mo $5.99/mo
Triennial Payment $1.80/mo
Quadrennial Payment $1.60/mo
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Pros of InMotion

Rich feature offerings

What features you can get from the two web hosts also count for much. The cost-effectiveness can be clear with the combination of hosting fees and feature offerings.

With 000WebHosting, much limited features are included into the free and cheap web hosting. Apart from strict limitations on server resources, 000WebHost charges extra fees for SSL certificate and daily backups. This is the opposite of what’s happening with InMotion. And some noticeable features (SSH access, ad credits, SSD drives, etc.) are also accessible to each InMotion users.

That InMotion also makes a 90-day money back guarantee due to the higher confidence in the service quality. But 000WebHost allows 30 days for the full refund period.

Price Information 000WebHost InMotion
Plan in Comparison Single Web Hosting Launch
Free Domain 1 1
Websites 1 2
Disk Space 10 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 100 GB Unlimited
Databases 1 2
Email Accounts 1 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 90 Days
PHP 7 7
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes
SSH No Yes
PostgreSQL No Yes
SSD No Yes
Ad Credits No Yes
SSL Certificate Paid Yes
Daily Backups Paid Yes
Current Price $0.80/mo $5.99/mo
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More than 99.9% uptime

It is not their 99.9% uptime guarantee but truly hosting uptime that make sense to users. The delivery of a reliable using experience should be crucial for each website. The first-hand statistics can speak loader than the one-sided statement. With the help of Pingdom, we have started our long period of monitoring on their hosting reliability.

Since zero downtime is unrealistic due to the scheduled maintenance, it is appreciated that InMotion can control the downtime to less than 30 seconds per month. However, websites hosted on 000WebHost shared server will experience hours of downtime each month.

InMotion hosts servers in the data centers which are Category A, PCI compliant. With premium bandwidth providers, advanced DDoS protection, and advanced Smart Routing technology, InMotion can deliver the best possible uptime.

Short server response time

How fast a website loads has a close relationship with the server response time. Therefore, we also make an exploration into the time required for each request.

In the real world, InMotion also performs an excellent job with the average of 237ms server response time. Websites with InMotion can run much faster than those with 000WebHost. The faster user experience InMotion can deliver should be thankful for the use of SSD drives, custom server caching, Max Speed Zone.

High support quality

Those who opt for the 000WebHost free hosting don’t expect technical support. With 000WebHost, technical support is only available for paid users. But the communication channels (live chat and email) are much more limited than those of InMotion (live chat, phone, Skype, and email). At the same time, quicker more professional responses are available for InMotion users.

Sometimes, the more convenient way to find a solution is to make use of the online resources. However, it is InMotion that still includes thousands of helpful articles into the support center.

000WebHost VS InMotion – InMotion Is Better for Blogging

On the basis of above information, going with InMotion should be the right choice. Have heard the voices from their verified customers, we believe that the hosting journey must be happy with InMotion.