000WebHost Review on the Premium Hosting Service

000WebHost Review on the Premium Hosting Service

Is 000WebHost a trustworthy and reliable web hosting provider? This question has caused much confusion among our readers because we have received many emails in which they try to seek the answers. To help our readers get acquainted with the 000WebHost Premium Hosting service, we have carefully reviewed the service with an eye to its price, feature, performance and technical support.

Based on our real hosting experience with the service and hundreds of real customer reviews, we impartially consider that 000WebHost is not a brilliant option for web hosting. For get an overall understanding of the service, we initially display an editorial ratings chart as following.

The above ratings chart clearly shows that the service is rated 3 out of 5 stars in reputation, and speed. Besides, its features and reliability are rated 3.5 out of 5 stars. From an objective perspective, all these ratings are not very remarkable, especially when compared to some top-notch web hosting providers in the field. In the following, we further lift the veil of the service.


wasting money000WebHost Premium Hosting comes with 2 shared hosting plans including Silver Hosting Package and Gold Hosting Package. With both short term and long term billing cycles available, the service allows customers to make a flexible choice among 1/3/6/12/24/36 months subscriptions. Respectively, the price is starting at $4.84/mo and $7.84/mo. The specific prices are as following.

Silver Hosting Package

  • 1 Month
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months
  • 24 Months

Gold Hosting Package

  • 1 Month
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months
  • 24 Months

Considering no money back guarantee and extra freebies, the price offered by 000WebHost is not very affordable, especially when compared to some top-notch and budget providers in the field like JustHost which is starting at $2.5/mo with 69% discount available.


featuresBoth 000WebHost packages offer lots of basic features such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth, add-on domains, sun-domains, email addresses, MySQL databases, FTP accounts and so forth.

Utilizing the most popular cPanel as the control panel, the service is designed to help customers realize the simplified management of websites. Besides, it supports many scripting languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and Python.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the service is highlighted for the auto installer Fantastico with which customers are able to make installing more than 50 popular scripts easy. Another great feature that must be mentioned is SiteReptile website builder which boasts user-friendliness for the building of websites.


In order to make good on the promise of 99.9% uptime, the company equips its data center with fully redundant UPS power systems. Besides, the company safeguards its data centers with 24/7 monitoring and spares no effort to make sure the websites on its servers can run smoothly.

To get a real experience of its uptime and server response time, we have hosted 3 websites on its servers in the past 30 days and launched a real time monitoring. Consequently, the results show that 000WebHost delivers 99.92% uptime, but takes 480ms in server response time. Telling the truth, its performance in uptime is excellent, but that of the page loading speed is really unremarkable, especially dwarfing in comparison with some top-notch web hosting providers in the field.

Technical Support

supportWith regard to technical support, the company offers help via phone and live chat, which is only available for Premium Hosting. If customers want to settle matters on their own, they can seek help in online support center. Besides, the service supports automatic weekly backups and assistance for installing scripts.

Actually, the above technical support can meet common requirements of customers. However, now almost all distinguished web hosting providers in the field provide 24/7 technical support via toll-free phone, live chat and email to assist its customers to address their technical issues efficiently.

Conclusion – Not Recommended

000WebHost Premium Hosting is proven to be mediocre after above comprehensive and in-depth review. On account of the expensive price, slow page loading speed and unremarkable technical support, the service is not worthy going. To help our readers seek out affordable and reliable hosting services, we have personally experienced a great deal of services. Consequently, we regard the companies in the following chart as recommendable ones.

They worth a shot because of their affordable prices, rich features, great uptime, blazing-fast page loading speed and responsive technical support. Even some professional websites such as BestHostingSearch and WhatsWP.com highly recommend them. Please refer to the following chart to learn more detailed information.